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Events Calendar - 'Theme Nights'
Sept. 8th - Firebird & Camaro Night was the last cruise of our 2014 season.
We look forward to seeing you in May, 2015!

Rules for CAR CLUB/THEME NIGHTS at MARKS CLASSIC CRUISE: Theme Nights are reserved by appointment only and at the discretion of Mark's Cruise Staff. A minimum of 15 vehicles must be committed to the Theme Night in order to be accepted. A designated parking location will be determined by staff members the night of the cruise. A minimum of 3 Car Club or Theme Car volunteers must arrive prior to 4:30pm the day of the cruise to assist in directing traffic and parking. One (or more, depending on the number of vehicles) trophy will be awarded during the closing ceremonies. Rainout of event will be rescheduled. Request for a Theme Night must be made during a Monday cruise by visiting Lee Mack our Cruise Director located at our DJ booth in the Hanger. A schedule of Theme Nights are posted on this web page.

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