Mark's Classic Cruise Night

Welcome to Mark's Classic Cruise Night

May 18th is Pontiac and Camaro Night

Contact: Paul Bourbeau (413) 267 - 5834.

May 25th is Memorial Day

There will not be a cruise.

June 8th is Corvette Night

The rain date is June 15th.

Contact: Rich Lagasse (860) 741 - 0717 (home) or (860) 550 - 4474 (cell).

July 13th is Oldsmobile Night

Contact: Don Mucci (860) 745 - 2284, with the New England Oldsmobile Club

July 20th is Street Rodders Magazine Tour

Contact: Jerry Dixey (330) 506 - 9169. They're having a tour and Mark's is one of their stops.

July 27th is Mustang Night

Contact: Jack Gahe (860) 970 - 2094.

August 3rd is Rat Rod & Street Rod Night

Contact: Don Peterson (860) 741 - 3329.

August 17th is Volkswagen Night

Contact: Bill Arute (860) 395 - 0064.

August 24th is Tow Truck Night

It's Not Too Late to Schedule a Theme Night

If your car club wants to host a theme night please let us know. There are Mondays available.

Download the 2015 Theme Night schedule

Rules for car club/theme nights at Mark's Classic Cruise: Theme nights are reserved by appointment only, and at the discretion of Mark's cruise crew. A minimum of 15 vehicles must be committed to the theme night in order to be accepted. A designated parking location will be determined by the crew members of the cruise night. A minimum of 3 car club or theme car volunteers must arrive prior to 4:30pm the day of the cruise to assist in directing traffic and parking. One (or more, depending on the number of vehicles) trophy(s) will be awarded during the closing ceremonies. Rainout of event will be rescheduled. Request for a theme night must be made during a Monday cruise by visiting Lee Mack our cruise director, who is located at our DJ booth in the Hanger. A schedule of Theme Nights is posted on this page.

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