Mark's Classic Cruise Night

Mark's Classic Cruise Night 2016
Upcoming Theme Nights

August 29th:
It will be Street Rods and Rat Rods Night.

September 5th:
There is no Cruise on Labor Day

September 12th:
It will be Firebird and Camaro Night This will be run by the Pioneer Valley Firebird Association.


Mark's is the largest weekly Cruise Night in New England. This is the 21st season for Mark's Classic Cruise! Please check back for any updates on upcoming Cruise Nights.

No burnouts

Please be mindful not to burn out when leaving the cruise night. Not only are burnouts dangerous to others, but also it can affect the ability for the cruise night to continue on in the future. The cruise is in it’s 21st year and we would like to continue the cruise for many more years to come. Doing burnouts jeopardizes the whole cruise night’s ability to continue on. Those who do burnouts will not be allowed back to the Cruse Night!

August 29th Cruise

The Theme Night will be Hot Rods and Rat Rods. These vehicles are generally built out of vehicles that were manufactured prior to 1949. This usually is a large night, and the vehicles that are displayed show an immense amount of ingenuity and customization.

September 5th

There is no Cruise on Labor Day. Enjoy the holiday.